Heating Up

Cover art for 'Heating Up' EP by Stone Lion x Well Grounded x iGL & Alecho.


The ‘Heating Up’ EP is the culmination of a worldwide collaboration between myself, Stone Lion, and iGL & Alecho. It all started with Stone Lion’s ‘Heating Up’ riddim. I added lyrics, vocals, and sax, resulting in the initial release. iGL & Alecho reached out to Stone Lion about doing a remix, and then wanted to do a dub as well. We all agreed that this deserved a full EP release which includes,

  • Heating Up
  • Heating Up (iGL & Alecho Remix)
  • Heating Up Dub (iGL & Alecho)
  • Heating Up (Riddim)

I highly recommend reaching out to Stone Lion and/or iGL & Alecho if you are looking for riddims or dubs. They are each super talented, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

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Additional Metadata
Music by: Anthony Joseph Romani Cambra, Justin Daniel Quinn
Lyrics by: Justin Daniel Quinn
Contains explicit lyrics?: no
Record label: Just Don’t Quit Music
Publisher: Just Don’t Quit Music


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