Heating Up (iGL & Alecho Remix)

Cover art for 'Heating Up (iGL & Alecho Remix)' by Stone Lion x Well Grounded.


Dub production duo iGL & Alecho reached out to Stone Lion last year about getting the stems for our collaboration, ‘Heating Up’. I loved the idea and agreed that we should go for it. What we originally thought was ‘just’ going to be a dub turned out to be a full remix. (They also did a dub, which will be released in June on the ‘Heating Up’ EP.)

It was great getting to work with these guys on this project. Their obvious talent and passion for reggae and dub music got us fired up and stoked a real collaboration. I know this is only the beginning of a long term working relationship and friendship.

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Additional Metadata
Music by: Anthony Joseph Romani Cambra, Justin Daniel Quinn
Lyrics by: Justin Daniel Quinn
Contains explicit lyrics?: no
Record label: Just Don’t Quit Music
Publisher: Just Don’t Quit Music
UPC: 198342516119
ISRC: QZXL82400002


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