The full discography of musical releases by Well Grounded and works on which they have been featured. It is organized by release type and date.



  • Cover art for 'Heating Up' by Stone Lion x Well Grounded a reggae song about the climate crisis.

    Heating Up

    ‘Heating Up’ is a reggae song about the climate crisis. It is my first collaboration with Stone Lion, who wrote the song and produced it. He reached out to me in 2023 after hearing my debut single, ‘Sailing On’. He had a few riddims he was working on, and showed me one called ‘Heating Up’…. Read More

  • Cover art for 'Sailing On' by Well Grounded, a modern reggae song about grief and hope

    Sailing On

    ‘Sailing On’ is a modern reggae song about grief and hope. It is the first single that I released as Well Grounded, though I originally wrote and performed it some 20 years ago. The song is about the sense that there is something broken in this world and/or in us. Perhaps it was always this… Read More


  • Cover art for 'Never Far Away (feat. Well Grounded)' by Stone Lion, a reggae meditation on loss and hope

    Never Far Away (feat. Well Grounded)

    My latest collaboration with reggae producer Stone Lion. Late last year he showed me a new riddim he was working on called ‘Carry On’. I told him I’d love to have a chance to bless this fantastic riddim with lyrics and vocals that honored his dad and their story.


  • Cover art for 'Humble Me' by Well Grounded, an afrobeat cover of 'Humble Mi' by Jah9.

    Humble Me

    I have loved Jah9’s ‘9’ album since the first time that I listened to it. Her ‘jazz on dub’ style, as she calls it, is a mesmerizing and potent carrier for her message. The opening track, ‘Humble Mi’, stands out with its poetic depiction our connection to the divine. Music that I like frequently turns… Read More

  • Cover art for 'Mama's Song' by Well Grounded, a reggae cover of 'You Are My Sunshine' with intro and verse from 'This Train' by Bob Marley

    Mama’s Song

    ‘Mama’s Song’ is a reggae cover of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ with intro and verse from ‘This Train’ (original on YouTube, alternate on Wikipedia) by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Both songs mean a lot to me, and I’ve been toying with the idea of this medley for some 10 years. When I was just… Read More


  • Cover art for pop reggae remix by Well Grounded of 'Daydreaming' by Western Jaguar

    Daydreaming (Well Grounded Remix)

    I linked up with Western Jaguar (on Bandcamp) on Twitter some time in 2023. As independent musicians, we spend a good amount of time trying to get the word out on social media. A lot of these efforts may feel fruitless, but they occasionally lead to great opportunities. I noticed a Tweet saying he was… Read More

Remixes By Other Artists

  • Cover art for 'Heating Up (iGL & Alecho Remix)' by Stone Lion x Well Grounded.

    Heating Up (iGL & Alecho Remix)

    Dub production duo iGL & Alecho reached out to Stone Lion last year about getting the stems for our collaboration, ‘Heating Up’. I loved the idea and agreed that we should go for it. What we originally thought was ‘just’ going to be a dub turned out to be a full remix. (They also did… Read More


  • Cover art for 'Heating Up' EP by Stone Lion x Well Grounded x iGL & Alecho.

    Heating Up

    The ‘Heating Up’ EP is the culmination of a worldwide collaboration between myself, Stone Lion, and iGL & Alecho. It all started with Stone Lion’s ‘Heating Up’ riddim. I added lyrics, vocals, and sax, resulting in the initial release. iGL & Alecho reached out to Stone Lion about doing a remix, and then wanted to… Read More