Never Far Away (feat. Well Grounded)

Cover art for 'Never Far Away (feat. Well Grounded)' by Stone Lion, a reggae meditation on loss and hope


My latest collaboration with producer Stone Lion is a reggae meditation on loss and hope. Late last year he showed me a new riddim he was working on called ‘Carry On’. I asked what the title was about and he explained it was a meditation on the recent loss of his father. He literally had to pack a carry on, jump on a plane, and rush to see him in a race against time. He also felt it important that the song have a message of hope. Despite his loss and grief, he was determined to carry on. I told him I’d love to have a chance to bless this riddim with lyrics that honor his dad and their story.

“I knew that I’d never be ready…”

I’ve meditated a lot on losing my loved ones. I’ve been blessed so far in that I haven’t had to endure overwhelming loss. And while I think that it’s important that we ponder our mortality, we cannot become consumed by it. Somehow, we must find peace with the fact that the cost of life is death. That there is an end is exactly what gives life and our acts their meaning. All that said, I suspect that no amount of preparation for the inevitable will be enough. Will I hold firm when I lose my mom and dad? How will I be able to endure if I lose my wife and partner? Will I be able to endure?

Although the story told in these lyrics is not my own, I tried to imagine what I’d be feeling if I was going through the same. I can’t possibly know anyone else’s experience, but there are universal truths that connect us all. Being empathetic to the experience of others brings us closer together and builds community. I hope that this reggae meditation on loss and hope brings solace to others navigating their own loss.

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I really didn’t need this call today
Dread, sweating, hoping that it’s all a dream
And even though I tried to steel myself
I knew that I’d never be ready

Threw some clothes in a carry on
Bought a ticket for the early morn
Direct flight to anxiety
Don’t even know how long I’ll be gone

Begging, pleading, hold on cuz I’ll be there soon
Always been there for me, I’ll be there for you
I wish I’d taken every opportunity to say
I love you to the sun, love you to the moon

Even though we are eternal, here we live and die
Soul is timeless, here we all just sitting on time
What a ride, tragedy, mixed with hope
Held my hand, pulled me close, with a smile, as he cried

He said you’ve got carry on
I’m leaving but I’ll never be that far away
And now you’ve got to carry on
My boy, this ain’t the end of your journey
He said you’ve got carry on
I’ll be there when the sun is shining on your face
And now you’ve got to carry on
My boy, this is the start of your story

Are you proud of me? I’m proud of you
I don’t know much, but this much is true
You’re a part of me, I’m part of you
You lift me up, and I hope I did the same for you

Additional Metadata
Music by: Anthony Joseph Romani Cambra
Lyrics by: Justin Daniel Quinn
Contains explicit lyrics?: no
Record label: Stone Lion Production


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