New Reggae Cover of Little Dragon’s ‘Where You Belong’ Will Be Released In May

Cover art for 'Where You Belong' by Well Grounded a reggae cover of Little Dragon's 'Where You Belong'.



Well Grounded’s next big release is a reggae cover of Little Dragon’s ‘Where You Belong’. My wife is a big fan of Little Dragon, and we finally got to see them live late last year. I was familiar with some of their popular songs, but really hadn’t spent much time listening to them. I was blown away, in particular, by a soulful rendition they did of ‘Where You Belong’. The closest thing I’ve found to it online is a video of their performance at Glastonbury 2022:

This version of the song is a bit slower than the one on their 2023 album, ‘Slugs of Love’. The somewhat subdued instrumentals allow more space for Yukimi’s voice, and I find it helps deliver the message of the song in a more visceral way.

Soon after the show, I decided to do a reggae cover of ‘Where You Belong’. I’m often guilty of wanting to re-imagine great songs in a reggae style. I hope that in doing so I’ve honored the original while also bringing something new into the universe. Equally, I hope that this version resonates with reggae fans and perhaps leads them to appreciate the excellent artistry of Little Dragon.

‘Where You Belong’ will be available wherever you listen to music on May 24th 2024. I welcome you to check out a preview of it now, and hope you enjoy.


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